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Musings on today’s workshop

Posted by nliakos on June 12, 2006

Today I took a workshop on classroom applications of blogging at the University of Maryland (where I work). The instructor, Sharon Roushdy, used WordPress to demonstrate the possibilities and had us create a WordPress blog; so this is mine. I have three other blogs on Blogger, so now I am set to explore WordPress. I’d like to see which host would be better to use for class blogs with students next year.

Here’s what I wrote at the workshop:

“I’m really excited about blogging… and it’s easy to see that Sharon is also! She exudes excitement about it. Her enthusiasm made her talk really fast, so sometimes it was a challenge to follow, even though I have been blogging for a few months already. I am still confused about RSS feeds, but I am less confused than I was, which is good. This is definitely something I want to pursue! I like the features of WordPress and think I just might go with it in the fall, rather than using Blogger again.”

However, I’ve been playing around with the blog and am finding it less intuitive than it appeared when Sharon, who knew what she was doing, was demonstrating it! Well, it’s too early to give up on it, so I will keep trying.


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