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The Skull of Truth

Posted by nliakos on July 1, 2006

by Bruce Coville.

Another of the Magic Shop Series, this delightful book tells the story of Charlie, who discovers the Magic Shop in the usual way (when he is chased by bullies and suddenly finds himself in an unfamiliar part of town) and comes away from it with a wisecracking human skull that turns out to be that of Yorick (yes, as in “Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio.”). Yorick was cursed by a witch, making him unable to lie, which ultimately leads to his death; the same compulsion to speak the truth affects Charlie and anyone else in close proximity to the skull. Thus, the book examines the concept of truth and untruth, and how telling the truth can cause pain and trouble, but that it can also heal and be a very powerful force in the world. The plot is clever, and the book gives plenty to think about. Like the other Magic Shop books, it is beautifully illustrated in black and white by Gary Lippincott.

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