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The Blind Watchmaker

Posted by nliakos on August 21, 2006

by Richard Dawkins, 1987, 1986

The subtitle of this book is “Why the evidence of evolution reveals a universe without design,” making it exceptionally relevant in these days of talk about “intelligent design.” In the book, Dawkins picks apart the argument that life is too complex to have evolved through natural selection, showing that natural selection is quite capable of explaining the most complex biological phenomena, such as the human eye, given enough time.

For me (already convinced that natural selection occurs), Dawkins’ arguments were cogent and convincing (but then I didn’t need to be convinced).  He is occasionally kind of annoying, as when he blithely states, “Our refutation of Lamarckism, then, is a bit devastating” (p. 303).  However, I mostly enjoyed his conversational style. He uses analogies very effectively to communicate complex ideas.

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