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The World Is Flat

Posted by nliakos on December 9, 2006

by Thomas L. Friedman

This book is wonderful! Like John McPhee, Friedman makes his subject interesting and memorable by writing in an informal style and including much dialogue from people he interviewed as well as his own personal experiences researching the book. As with The Lexus and the Olive Tree, I was immediately drawn in, as one would be with a good novel.

Since this is this year’s First Year Book at the University of Maryland, I had the opportunity to hear Thomas Friedman speak at the university in October. Friedman basically summarized the main points of the first half of the book, but since I had put the book down for a while and didn’t remember them so clearly, this was just what I needed to hear. He’s a very dynamic and convincing speaker.

December 26: I finished the book!  Despite taking so long to finish it, I really liked it and would recommend it to all.  The ideas are fresh and very thought-provoking.  It is somewhat repetitious and could probably have been edited down (it is almost 600 pages as it is), but is otherwise very well written–I like Friedman’s use of metaphor and his many examples of actual people and businesses.  Reading the book feels like having a conversation with the author.  The most challenging thing for me is trying to keep all the arguments straight.  As soon as I finished the book, I felt like I should start it all over again and read it with a highlighter, or take notes.

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