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Posted by nliakos on March 15, 2007

by Larry McMurtry ; narrated by

Sinkiller is the first in a 4-volume series about the extremely annoying Berrybenders, a family of wealthy English aristocrats who travel to America in the 1830s. It’s hard to say who is more irksome: the repulsive Lord Albany Berrybender, who despises everyone and everything except hunting; his pretty, spoiled daughter Tasmin, who falls in love with Jim Snow, the “Sinkiller”; sly Mary Berrybender, gifted at languages and communing with nature; or any of the other self-serving, stupid, spoiled, obnoxious characters with whom McMurtry fills this novel! A number of characters are killed off in this first book, but there remain several that might be the focus of other books in the series. Even the ending isn’t really an ending–more like a little tangent focusing on a minor character.

It sounds as if I hated the novel, but I didn’t. I just disliked the characters, but it kept me fairly interested nonetheless.

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