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Never Let Me Go

Posted by nliakos on November 4, 2007

by Kazuo Ishiguro

Now that science has made cloning possible, what if people were cloned?  And what if the technology were used simply to create organ donors for the “normal” population?  And then, what if some people strove to improve the lot of these donors when they are young by sequestering them in a special boarding school and protecting them, for the duration of their childhood, from the awful truth about their very existence?

The story of Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy is told from the viewpoint of Kathy, looking back on her time at Hailsham and trying to make sense of her past, present, and future.  Kathy/Ishiguro describes the behavior and thoughts of the children, then teenagers, in great detail.  I liked Tommy, but disliked Ruth, and couldn’t quite make up my mind about Kathy.  The story seemed not quite believable… perhaps because it seems that this issue has already been decided.  Then again, I read of a case where parents had a child for the express purpose of saving the life of a sibling, and I’ve heard about organs harvested from living donors abroad to be used for rich patients here in the U.S.  Perhaps Ishiguro’s idea is not entirely far-fetched–just very depressing.


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