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Sunfall: In the Cities of Time to Come

Posted by nliakos on November 30, 2007

by C. J. Cherryh (Daw, 1981)

I have a lot of paperback books on my shelves that people have given me.  I can’t remember where this one came from.  It’s not typical of the books I usually read. It is not a novel but rather six short stories, each one set in a large present-day city (Paris, London, New York, Moscow, Rome, Beijing–called Peking) but set thousands of years in the future, as a dying Sun makes most of the Earth uninhabitable or at least extremely harsh.  Outside of the cities, there is little human life; and what there is has reverted to a kind of primitive existence.  Within the cities, human society is close to unrecognizable.  Each story is a little different, but most of them portray the city dwellers as soulless and cruel beings.  The story I liked the best was “Ice (Moscow)”; I liked it because the characters lived in a close-knit community and seemed more recognizably human to me.


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