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Sleeping with Schubert

Posted by nliakos on March 15, 2008

by Bonnie Marson, read by Staci Snell (2004)

Sometimes I pick an audiobook that I’ve never heard of off the shelf at the library and discover a treasure. Sleeping with Schubert was just such a find. It’s the story of Liza Durbin, a New York lawyer who is “inhabited” by dead composer Franz Schubert. The reader has to suspend disbelief at this impossible circumstance, but everything else in the novel is believably realistic: Liza’s conflicted feelings about this takeover of her soul (Franz’s heightened senses enrich Liza’s perceptions and emotions, but she fears losing herself and/or going mad), the reactions of other people (her parents, sister, boyfriend, teacher, friends, and therapist), her submission to Franz’s desires (to play the piano, write new music, visit Vienna, and find the hidden manuscript of the “unfinished” symphony) and her dread of losing Franz and of being tied to him forever. The story was thoroughly enjoyable and the ending satisfying. I cared about all the characters (including Franz); Marson develops each one lovingly into a believable person. Highly recommended!


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