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Nights of Rain and Stars

Posted by nliakos on September 4, 2008

by Maeve Binchy.  Read by Terry Donnelly. BBC Audiobooks America, 2004.

I’ve enjoyed everything I have read by Maeve Binchy.  She has a knack of creating characters that really appeal to me (along with some horrific ones), and she has done so again in Nights of Rain and Stars, which takes place not in Ireland but on the imaginary Greek island village of Agia Anna.  Four vacationers–two men and two women, from the U.S., England, Germany, and Ireland–become fast friends after witnessing a tragedy.  For a few short weeks, they become a part of the life of the village.  Vonnie, an Irishwoman who has lived in Agia Anna for thirty years, and Andreas, an old man who owns the taverna on the mountainside where the four first meet, mentor the four through some very difficult challenges.  While it’s a little too pat to be real, as with all of Binchy’s stories, I found myself eagerly suspending disbelief.  It isn’t my favorite Binchy–contenders for that spot are The Glass Lake, The Copper Beech, and Scarlet Featherit’s certainly an enjoyable read.

One Response to “Nights of Rain and Stars”

  1. Helen Clark said

    Hi Nina, I enjoyed reading your review! I remembered the name of my favorite Mauve Binchy book. It is called Echoes, and I have a copy of you would like to read it.

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