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NLD From the Inside Out: Talking to Parents, Teachers, and Teens About Growing Up with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities

Posted by nliakos on August 13, 2010

by Michael Brian Murphy with Gail R. Shapiro., Inc 2008.

Michael Murphy started writing this book as a psychology paper when he was in college, and his mother collaborated with him to make it into a full-length book.  It’s a nice addition to my NLD library.  Murphy is writing for a mixed audience of teens/young adults with NLD and the adults that live and work with them.  For me, the best chapter was “Your NLD Brain”, which explains the anatomy and functions of the brain very clearly and taught me some things I did not know, like “The putamen is responsible for procedural memory, such as knowing how to tie shoes….”  Who knew?

The book features extensive quotations from other young adults with NLD whom Murphy interviewed.

One Response to “NLD From the Inside Out: Talking to Parents, Teachers, and Teens About Growing Up with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities”


    Great Article! Every time I think about a child (person) with a learning disability I ask the question: Is drugging the child a vitalistic approach? Will that drug raise that child’s health so that he / she can be more, do more and achieve a greater impact on fellow human beings. The research is out – and the answer is NO. You must understand that a child that cannot learn will not be any brighter while being drugged. Interestingly, MD’s in the US prescribe five times the quantity of stimulants for children as MD’s in other countries. Many parents worry about drugging their children for multiple reasons. Their thoughts “Is there another way?” Absolutely! Chiropractic offers a child the ability to be at their best without drugs. As a parent I urge you to get your child’s spine evaluated to see if chiropractic can help your child. When as humanitarians are we going to stop lowering self achievement and start to deal with the cause of the problem? Healthier people for a healthier planet.

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