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Outliers: The Story of Success

Posted by nliakos on July 15, 2012

by Malcolm Gladwell (Little, Brown 2008)

I really enjoy Malcolm Gladwell’s books. I always learn things I never knew from them! Outliers is no different.  Did you know that 10,000 hours of practice are necessary for greatness, whether you are an athlete, a musician, or a computer geek? That the most auspicious year to be born in is 1930 for a New York Jewish lawyer and 1954-55 for a software tycoon? That you can measure respect for authority using something called the Power Distance Index (PDI) and use it to predict airplane crash probability (sort of)? That Southern men are quick to fight if insulted because of their cultural legacy (kind of like Sicilians)? And on and on.

Gladwell defines outliers as “those who have been given opportunities–and who have had the strength and presence of mind to seize them.” (p. 401) He shows how the most successful among us have combined talent with hard work and happy accidents to achieve their successes.

An easy and fascinating read. I’ve just put a hold on Blink.

2 Responses to “Outliers: The Story of Success”

  1. Sarah Barnicle said

    What level ESL would you recommend Outliers for?
    By the way…I love your site. Such wonderful reviews.

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