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Why Does This Have to Be So Difficult?

Posted by nliakos on September 2, 2012

I decided I should not be intimidated by the technology involved in borrowing eBooks and digital audio books from my library (Montgomery County Public Libraries in Maryland).  I’ve done each thing once. Let’s try again! I looked up The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and found an eBook that was available immediately (so they said), so I tried to borrow it, and ended up on some waiting list (?). Next I searched for The Double Comfort Safari Club by Alexander McCall Smith–the prequel to the one I just read and blogged about, The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party.  I discovered that I had to download yet another application in order to do this: OneClickdigital Media Manager. I did not note the time I started this process, so I can’t tell you how long it took, but I can tell you it took a very very long time!!!!!  Maybe one hour? Maybe two hours? And of course, it’s a holiday weekend, so there was no one available in Support (8:30 – 5 pm Monday through Friday–not any time I would be likely to be in the same place as my laptop on a normal day). I watched tutorials, I clicked on this and that, I tried different things.  In fact, I think the main problem I had was that everything just took a really long time and there was no indication (no pop-up message or anything like that) when things were finished, so I kept trying to borrow the book only to discover (on a different tab) that I had already succeeded in borrowing it. Then I kept trying to transfer it to my iPod and I kept getting the message that I should check the connection and the space available on my device. After I gave up in disgust, I discovered that the book had, in fact, already been transferred to the iPod (under Music, naturally, not Books–I remember that happening with Banker to the Poor as well. Why have a Books category if books don’t end up in it?)

It’s almost dinner time, and I have spent a goodly part of my afternoon on this stuff. GRRRRRRR. But at least I’m ready to listen to my book now. 🙂

And I still feel pretty intimidated by this whole process.

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