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Wait: The Art and Science of Delay

Posted by nliakos on February 3, 2013

by Frank Partnoy (Public Affairs, 2012)

Frank Partnoy’s basic thesis is that people should delay actions or decisions as long as possible for a better result. (perceiving types, you are right! Judging types, take note!) He provides examples from sports, business, journalism, matchmaking, war, manufacturing, and other fields of endeavor to support his claim that most of the time, later is better. Experts are capable of deciding and acting quickly, but they tend to delay if delay is possible, which is why they are the experts and the rest of us aren’t.  The examples are interesting and backed up by a lot of data.  We learn about how Post-its were invented over a period of  12 years, how the best investors know how to sit and wait for the right opportunities, how first impressions are often best ignored, and much, much more. A very interesting read.

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