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The Charming Quirks of Others

Posted by nliakos on December 17, 2013

by Alexander McCall Smith (Recorded Books 2010; read by Davina Porter)

You may remember that I bypassed this seventh novel in the Isabel Dalhousie series to read The Forgotten Affairs of Youth and The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds. I never did find it on the shelf in my library, but a friend lent me the audiobook, and I finished it on the bus yesterday.  A pleasant read. Davina Porter is easy to listen to.

Isabel is asked to look into three applicants for the headmastership of a private boys’ school; she and Jamie decide to get married; she suspects Jamie of cheating on her and discovers how quickly love can turn to hatred, but of course all is well in the end. Throughout it all, Isabel muses about various moral questions from small to large.

I noticed how similar McCall Smith’s two lady protagonists are in their love of their country and city–Isabel of Scotland and Edinburgh, and Mma Ramotswe of Botswana and her village.

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