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The Messenger of Athens

Posted by nliakos on June 28, 2014

by Anne Zouroudi (Reagan Arthur/Back Bay/Little Brown 2007)

I actually bought this book. The university library doesn’t have it (no surprise there), and the public library doesn’t have it, either, but I was intrigued by the idea of the god Hermes solving murders in modern Greece. Although I was not immediately hooked by the beginning, after a few chapters I started getting caught up in the story of Irini, her fisherman husband Andreas, the object of her lust Theo, their families, the smarmy Chief of Police and the others living on the made-up island of Thiminos. Zouroudi, who lived for a while on a Greek island, is not particularly kind in her portrayals of most of the islanders. They are hopelessly parochial, often mean-spirited, and unforgiving. Hermes Diaktoros is “the fat man” who arrives mysteriously from Athens. He is not a policeman; he answers to “a higher authority”. It is his job to see that justice is done, and by the end, justice has been done. Everyone has gotten his (or her) just deserts. The wrongdoers are punished, and the victims (except for Irini, who is beyond justice) look toward a brighter future. It’s a very satisfying read. I’d like to find and read more in the series (“The Seven Deadly Sins“).

2 Responses to “The Messenger of Athens”

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