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The Whispers of Nemesis

Posted by nliakos on October 26, 2014

by Anne Zouroudi (Bloomsbury 2011)

The fifth book in the ¬†Seven Deadly Sins series (in this apparently British edition, called simply¬†The Mysteries of the Greek Detective–how original) focuses on the sin of pride (hubris). Hermes Diaktoros, arriving in the village of Vrisi (“spring”–the watery kind, not the seasonal kind) to visit a dear friend, happens on the exhumation of a body four years after the death–only the bones are those of a pig. The fat man is engaged to solve this conundrum, which is soon complicated by yet another death (ostensibly of the same person). Of course Hermes solves the mystery and everyone gets his (or her) just desserts, which is why I love these books.

By the way, I never managed to track down this one or the last two in the series, so I ended up buying them from Amazon affiliated sellers. This one came all the way from England. I always forget that English editions differ from ours over here in some of the spelling, and in this case, also in the size of the book (and as I mentioned, the name given the series).

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