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The Buried Giant

Posted by nliakos on February 12, 2016

by Kazuo Ishiguro (Alfred A. Knopf 2015; ISBN 978-0-307-27103-7)

This was an impulse read. I picked it off the New Fiction shelf at the public library because I had heard of Ishiguro and knew he had written The Remains of the Day (I saw the movie but did not read the book.). But it looked interesting: an elderly couple on a trek across post-Arthurian Britain, joined by a Saxon warrior, an orphan cursed by the bite of a dragon, and a knight of the Round Table. It’s a kind of fairy tale, with dragons, ogres, pixies and other magical beasts. Axl and his beloved wife Beatrice set out from their Briton village to visit the son whom they have not seen in many years. They, their fellow villagers, and most of the others whom they encounter on their trek have inexplicably lost their memories of the past. Sure of their abiding love, Axl and Beatrice yearn to regain these memories, but they fear what might be revealed if they do. There is a tension throughout due to the many dangers that they must face. Slowly, we realize that Axl is not the simple peasant he believes himself to be. In their quest, their physical strength, courage, and love for each other are put to the test. Will their love conquer death, enabling them to remain together in the after-world? Many of the people they meet say one thing but do another. Whom can they trust? There are many mysteries to wonder about as you read this novel.

Neil Gaiman’s review in the New York Times has a lot more detail. James Wood, in The New Yorker, explains why the novel disappoint him. Tom Holland’s more positive review appeared in The Guardian.


One Response to “The Buried Giant”

  1. Judy said

    This sounds intresting, thank you!


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