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Me Before You

Posted by nliakos on May 31, 2016

by Jojo Moyes (Penguin 2012; ISBN 978-0-14-310946-4)

Louisa Clark has just lost her job at a café in her English home town, and she’s desperate to find another. She finally lands a position as a companion/caregiver to a rich young quadriplegic, Will Traynor. At first, Will is sulky and rude, but over time, Louisa and Will’s relationship begins to develop into a kind of friendship. Inevitably, Louisa’s feelings for Will go beyond simple friendship. But Will is planning to end his life; in fact, hiring Louisa is a last-ditch effort by his parents to get him to change his mind. Louisa is so horrified that Will would contemplate such a thing and that his parents would let him do it that she quits the job, but is persuaded to return by Mrs. Traynor. Will Lou succeed in convincing Will that life is worth living? (I’m not telling.)

The right to die is central to this story, making it somewhat more thought-provoking than your average romance. Lou’s relationships with her parents, her sister, her boyfriend Patrick, Will, his parents, and his nurse, Nathan, are all explored in the novel (which is narrated mostly by Louisa, but occasionally by her sister, Will’s mother, and Nathan), as is the intellectual and personal growth Lou experiences through her relationship with Will. I could hardly put the book down, finishing it in 24 hours. I wonder if the movie is as riveting as the book! (It’s coming out this Friday. I just watched the trailer. Must see it!)

One Response to “Me Before You”

  1. Looking forward to reading this book! We seem to have similar taste in books. Check out my page and maybe we can chat books 🙂

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