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My To Read List: Fiction


  • Alyan, Hala, Salt  Houses
  • Barnes, Kim, In the Kingdom of Men
  • ben Izzy, Joel: The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness
  • Card, Orson:
    • Speaker for the Dead
    • Enchantment
    • Past Watch (rec. by Phil S.)
  • Cotterill, Colin: The Coroner’s Lunch (rec by Beth)
  • Dunnett, Dorothy: The Game of Kings and other historical fiction
  • Fasman, Jon: The Geographer’s Library  
  • Flanery, Patrick: Fallen Land
  • Galbraith, Robert (aka J. K. Rowling): The Cuckoo’s Calling
  • George, Nina: The Little Paris Bookshop
  • Gerber, Robin: Eleanor vs. Ike  (rec. by Julie)
  • Gloss, Molly: Hearts of Horses 
  • Godwin, Gail: Father Melancholy’s Daughter
  • Güntekin, Reşat Nuri: Çalıkuşu (The Wren)
  • Hannah, Kristin: The Nightingale (2 sisters embark on separate dangerous paths toward survival, love, and freedom in German-occupied, war-torn France)
  • Hawkins, Paula: The Girl on the Train
  • Hepworth, Sally: The Mother-in-Law (rec. by Barbara M)
  • Hill, Lawrence, Someone Knows My Name (aka The Book of Negroes or Aminata)
  • Hislop, Victoria: The Island (rec. by Litsa B)
  • Holsinger, Bruce: A Burnable Book and The Invention of Fire (novels set in 14th-century London)
  • Israel, Steve: The Global War on Morris (reviewed by Karen Heller in WP Style 1/7/15)
  • Jiles, Paulette: The Color of Lightning  (cultural clashes with Plains Indians in mid-nineteenth-century Texas)
  • Kaga, Otohiko:  Riding the East Wind: A Novel of War and Peace translated from the Japanese by Ian Hideo Levy “helps fill a void in our understanding of what it was really like to live in Japan during the dark years of World War II” (Kunio Francis Tanabe, The Washington Post Book World)
  • Kostova, Elizabeth, The Swan Thieves
  • Lethem, Jonathan: Dissident Gardens
  • Lewis, Sinclair: It Can’t Happen Here (fascism in the US)
  • Li, Yiyun, A Thousand Years of Good Prayers (short stories, The VagrantsKinder Than Solitude
  • Martin, Andrew: Early Work
  • Mbue, Imbolo: Behold the Dreamers (The trials and tribulations of a young Cameroonian couple and their attempts to build a life in the U.S. PEN/Faulkner Award winner)
  • McCarthy, Cormac: All the Pretty Horses  (rec. by Helen)
  • Michaels, Ann: Fugitive Pieces
  • Miller, Madeleine: Circe
  • Miyabe, Misuke: Shadow Family 
  • Neely, Barbara
    • Blanche Among the Talented Tenth
    • Blanche Cleans Up
    • Blanche Passes Go
  • Ng, Celeste: Little Fires Everywhere (rec. by Barbara M)
  • Nguyen, Viet Thanh: The Sympathizer (rec by Beth)
  • Oyeyemi, Helen: Boy, Snow, Bird
  • Pamuk, Orhan:
    • My Name Is Red (recommended by Linda Sarigol)
    • A Strangeness in My Mind
  • Patchett, Ann:
    • Commonwealth
    • Nashville
  • Pears, Iain: An Instance of the Fingerpost (historical mystery)
  • Picoult, Jodi: Small Great Things (A poignant story about parental love, friendship, and loss)
  • Rayburn, Deanna: A Curious Beginning (An intrepid adventuress in Victorian England thwarts her own abduction.)
  • Robinson, Roxana: Dawson’s Fall
  • Robotham, Michael (Aussie writer), Good Girl Bad Girl and others (Rec by Michael Coghlan)
  • Roy, Arundhati: The Ministry of Utmost Happiness (added 6.5.17)
  • Rylant,  Cynthia: A Couple of Kooks (rec. by Margaret France)
  • Sciascia, Leonardo: To Each His Own (mystery set in Sicily)
  • See, Lisa:
    • Dreams of Joy
    • The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane
  • Shafak, Elif, The Architect’s Apprentice  (set in 16th century Ottoman Empire) and other novels
  • Shem, Samuel (pseudonym of Stephen Bergman) House of God (recommended by Dimitri Balatsias)
  • Suri, Manil: The City of Devi, Wash. Post review
  • Tartt, Donna: The Goldfinch (different people gave mixed reviews)
  • Thomas, Matthew: We Are Not Ourselves
  • Toibin, Colm: Brooklyn (A young Irish woman starts a new life in NYC)
  • Turner, Megan Whalen: The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, and The King of Attolia (recommended by Beth; historical fantasy)
  • Walton, Jo, My Real Children
  • Wells, Rebecca: Ya-Yas in Bloom
  • Wilson, Kevin: Baby You’re Gonna Be Mine  (short stories)
  • Yoshikawa, Mako: One Hundred and One Ways, Bantam 1999, A Japanese American woman tells the story of her geisha grandmother…
  • Zusak, Markus: The Book Thief (mystery, Holocaust)

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