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Gone Girl

Posted by nliakos on June 12, 2014

by Gillian Flynn (Crown, 2012)

This story of a dysfunctional couple “celebrating” their fifth anniversary was on the bestseller list so long I figured it was not worth even looking for it at the library. . . until I found a copy sitting on the fiction shelf last week! It was a real page turner; I raced through its 413 pages in a little over three days. Definitely a great story that keeps the reader guessing all the way. Too much gratuitous swearing for my taste, though.

Partial synopsis: Nick Dunne’s fabulous wife Amy vanishes from their home in North Carthage MO (where they have moved from her native New York) on the morning of their anniversary, leaving behind an apparent crime scene. Chapters alternate between Nick’s present and Amy’s past (through seven years of diary entries chronicling the souring of their relationship) throughout the first part of the book (“Boy Loses Girl”); everything points to Nick’s guilt, although he won’t admit anything. The reader wonders how Flynn will keep this going for another 200 pages when suddenly we reach Part Two (“Boy Meets Girl”) and there is a whole new angle on everything! And that’s not the last of it.  Really a good read (I just wish the dialog, both actual and inner, could have featured a few adjectives and adverbs besides fucking).

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